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I have been working in IT for about 16 years, starting off in hardware support and then moving towards programming. In truth I went back to hardware support again, which wasn’t my decision so much as a necessity for the company I worked for at the time, before making my way back to being a programmer again. This blog will probably reflect that diversity of my experience. I currently work in a very large office programming primarily in php, though I’m not the sort of person to argue that php is the be-all and end-all of IT-based life. Different tools suit different solutions; php is simply one of the options open to you.

The achievements from my working life that I’m most proud of include helping to start a business from the ground up and seeing it flourish into a dominant market force, become a leading force for just about every company I’ve worked for, and my current role for a financial services company that carries out a more vocational role in the lives of our customers.

I get my IT-fix from seeing end users work with something that I’ve been involved with, to the point where they take it completely for granted. It becomes a part of what they use as much as a pen or a coffee mug; they don’t think about how it works, they just get on with it and use it as an everyday bit of kit. This includes both hardware and software.

The nature of IT is that as long as everything works nobody takes any notice, it’s when things go wrong that people are screaming your name (and not for the right reasons!). At these points you need to become many characters at once; fixer, empathiser, Speedy Gonzalez, etc. I’ve always been credited with my ability to explain to people what’s happening and why without bamboozling them with technological jargon.

I’m not running this site for any personal gain other than to repay the debt I owe to other sites, and the IT community in general, who have helped me out plenty of times in the past. See my first post. Hence the strange site name; ‘Print Clearly’ came about originally as an in-joke during a stag do when a friend illegibly scrawled his name on the disclaimer page, which got applied to his cart as ‘PRINT CLEARLY’. He then got in to my cart and raced under my name, so I took his and it stuck. Needless to say, ‘PRINT CLEARLY’ did so much better than what he raced under!



Any code I provide is usually intended to be an example of how to achieve a certain solution. I’m very unlikely to ensure that what I put on here can be used ‘as-is’ in the big, wide world. Please ensure that you do everything that you need to, to ensure the security of your site, your users and your data. I cannot be held in any way responsible nor liable for the code posted on this site.




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