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Reclaim Windows 8

Pokki LogoI’ve mentioned in a previous post that, while I was overall happy with the upgrade of my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8, I wasn’t overly impressed at being forced to use the Metro UI to navigate to the traditional Windows desktop. Having got there I then needed to work around the lack of start menu. At times I was wondering whose computer this was; mine or Microsoft’s.

The solution is a free program from a company called Pokki¬†which promises to “Get your Start menu back and more”.

It does exactly that! Not only do I now have the familiar method of opening up programs, but there is also an option to boot to desktop which bypasses the Metro UI completely. It also boasts the following;

  • Much more customisation than Microsoft have provided on their start menus in the past including colours and a choice of icon
  • Disable Windows 8’s hotkeys (if you want to)
  • Include / exclude web results from the search box
  • Show / hide recently used apps
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