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First Post: Why Am I Blogging?

The fact that you’re reading this is arguably justification enough for the existence of this here website, though in all honestly it needn’t be from my perspective. I’ve been thinking about getting with the year 2002 and starting a blog for a little while now, the main inspirations for doing so being the following people (ie. blame them);

Cal convinced me to take the plunge and get on with it having read an article in PHP|Architect magazine, “Getting Hired”, although the title of the article isn’t currently my intention. It’s about being able to communicate my ideas, concepts and ( … err …) knowledge to anyone who’s interested, and valuing their contribution when setting me right or contributing their perspective.

Lorna, another techie and fellow Northerner of the UK, uses her blog in a similar fashion to how I intend to use mine. Not only is it a way to communicate ideas but it also saves memory cells (which are quite rare in my case) so that information can be stored and then retrieved / used / laughed at later. I also like the very chatty style of Lorna’s posts. I sat through a talk she once did and although the subject matter wasn;t

Finally, dreaming up half-baked ideas and then staying up half the night creating them (because your brain is too excited to let you sleep) isn’t half as much fun if you don’t have a site to roll them out on.

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